Starting Salary and Benefits

The average starting salary + district-paid TRS contribution for a first-year teacher in the Champaign/Ford/Piatt/Douglas county region is over $44,000.  This does not factor in any district-provided benefits such as health, dental, and life insurance.  Educators can also increase their compensation through continued education and/or taking on other stipend positions such as coaching or club sponsorships.  See a few hypothetical examples below.

See which local school districts are hiring by visiting the Champaign/Ford ROE job bank or the IASA job bank.

Additional Benefits

In addition to a competitive salary and in some cases, district-paid retirement contributions, teachers in this region receive valuable benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits.  Although we know teachers are dedicated to their profession throughout the calendar year, most teachers can take time off during the summer months to recharge.  Additionally, there are many paid holidays throughout the school year including a winter break and spring break.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Educators have several options to advance their careers. Classroom teachers can become instructional specialists or department chairs.  Many districts provide tuition assistance for educators to pursue advanced degrees which can lead to positions in administration or counseling.  All building principals and school district superintendents were once classroom teachers!

Compensation for Central Illinois Educators

We put together some hypothetical situations below, so you can see what educators are earning in this region's school districts.

Meet Sara

Sara is a biology teacher at a Champaign County high school.  She has a Master's degree and ten years of experience. In addition to her classroom responsibilities, Sara also serves as the junior varsity volleyball coach and the student council sponsor.

Sara's base salary during the 21-22 school year is $51,850.  Additionally, the district contributes $6,060 towards her health insurance.  Sara earns $3,195 as the junior varsity volleyball coach and $3,195 as the student council sponsor.

All together, Sara's total compensation is $64,300.

Meet Sally

Sally is a seventh-year teacher at an elementary school in Champaign County.  Sally has a bachelor's degree in elementary education and just earned her National Board Certification.

Sally's base salary is $42,749.  She also earns a $3,000 per year stipend since she is a National Board Certified teacher.  Additionally, Sally also receives a district-paid TRS/THIS contribution of approximately $4,300.  Sally's district-paid health insurance contributions are $870 each month.

Sally's total compensation during the 21-22 school year is $60,489.

Meet Jared

Jared is a P.E. teacher at a middle school in Ford County.  In addition to teaching, Jared coaches middle school basketball and track and field.  He has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and has been teaching and coaching for 12 years.  Jared is also enrolled in a master's in educational administration program, as he would someday like to be a building principal.

Jared's 21-22 base salary is $43,511.  Additionally, he earns $3,600 for coaching basketball and $3,600 for coaching track and field.  His school district contributes $5,375 towards TRS/THIS.  The district also contributes $754/month towards his health insurance premiums.

Jared's total compensation for the 21-22 school year is $65,134.  Additionally, the district is paying $200 per credit hour for his master's program.

Meet Phillip

This is Phillip! He is a first-year teacher at an elementary school in Champaign County.  Phillip's mentor was his fifth grade teacher and he has always wanted to help children.  Phillip has a bachelor's degree in elementary education.

His base salary is $44,000.  The school district contributes $4,664 towards his TRS/THIS contribution.  Additionally, the district contributes $725 per month towards Phillip's health insurance plan.

Phillip's total compensation for the 21-22 school year is $57,364.