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Learn more from local educators about their careers in education.

Social Worker

Katie Wienke, Tuscola CUSD 301

School social workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student services team. School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic, and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators as well as provide individual and group counseling/therapy.

School Counseling

Cortni McCabe, Whitney Bennett, Megan Sims: Rantoul Township High School

School counselors are highly educated, professionally certified individuals who help students succeed in school and plan their career. An integral part of the total education system, school counselors help students form healthy goals, mindsets and behaviors. With the aid of a school counselor, students learn to develop effective collaboration and cooperation skills, to practice perseverance, to develop time management and study skills, and to learn self-motivation and self-direction habits. 

Technology Director

Walker Willis, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley CUSD #5

Although the responsiblities will vary depending on school district, the main responsibility of the Technology Director is to plan, purchase, install, and maintain the technology systems within the school district buildings and departments. One should be hands-on with system-wide technology solutions and be willing to provide individual and group training and support resources.

Curriculum Director

Erin Nuss, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley CUSD #5

The primary responsibilities of a curriculum director are planning, implementation, development, direction, review and evaluation of the district’s curriculum and instructional services, federal programs, assessment, research and evaluation services.  The Director ensures that the district's education objectives are aligned to state frameworks and to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement and instructional excellence.


Gary Page, St. Joseph-Ogden High School

Principals influence student and adult performance in their schools by:

Nurturing a positive, student-centered culture;

Attracting and retaining the best teachers and support staff who are focused on doing what is best for ALL of their students;

Facilitating research-based continuous improvement efforts that result in systemic organizational change;

Maintaining a growth mindset which encourages ongoing personal and professional growth.

Special Education

Ashley Bryan, Rantoul Township High School

Special education departments aid students that have learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. They help create standard education lessons in a way that works for the student. They can teach various subjects and cover basic life skills to those with severe disabilities. There is high involvement and collaboration with teachers, parents, administration, and other professionals to provide the best additional assistance.

Athletic Director

Kaleb Carter, Centennial High School

The primary goal of an athletic director is to oversee and coordinate all the moving pieces of the athletic programs that are available at the school. Typically, the athletic director's responsibilities are to hire and supervise coaches and staff, schedule and promote events, maintain a budget, and order the necessary equipment needed by the school district's athletic teams.